Definitively Not ( James )

Writing JavaScript Behavioral Unit Tests

2014/09/28 00:00 EDT

When going through some old projects I realized that I hadn’t particularly kept up with my game of life implementation in JavaScript. I never truly verified it worked. Sure, it looks like it worked but how would I know for sure that it did? Behavioral unit tests to the rescue.

print_r is terrible

2014/07/28 12:22 EDT

The short version: use var_dump, don’t use print_r.

The Problems with Long Running PHP scripts

2014/06/18 20:51 EDT

Writing a daemon in PHP can be a very attractive prospect. You already have your website written, so you have all of this great code already. You just need it to run and keep track of some data or handle some data as it comes in by polling a database. All you do is.. make some infinite loop and..

RFC: Engine Exception; Erroneous Exceptional Errors

2013/11/06 00:21 EST

One of the flaws with PHP is the ways in which it handles engine errors. However, might change in PHP 5.6.