Definitively Not( James )

James Ward

Level 13 Software Engineer

Experience Points



October 2020 Current
Building software to enable safe, effective, and equitable healthcare operations at home.
  • Kept the engineering team's technical strategy aligned with business goals to deliver products driven by both data and user feedback - from the first lines of code of our public API to delivering lines of features that closed sales.
  • Led the engineering team to SOC2 and HIPAA readiness via creation of disaster recovery plans using infrastructure as code, incident preparedness playbooks, and features to support the principles of least privilege.
  • Developed best practices for both the Typescript backend and React frontend as well as automations to keep the team aligned to those practices.

Senior Engineering Manager


October 2018 December 2019
  • Develop cross-functional initiatives migrating Venmo to a distributed architecture.
  • Brought reliability from 90% to 99.999% - from 73 hours to less than 30 seconds of downtime per month.
  • Coordinate D&I recruiting initiatives to improve representation of underrepresented groups in hiring.


Forkbombus Labs

November 2015 September 2018
Understanding the human element behind threats to manage the risks they pose.
  • Built the Hivemind deception and threat intelligence platform using Node, Kafka, Tensorflow, Postgres, and ElasticSearch to support real-time personalization encouraging intruders to engage so they could be fingerprinted and tracked.

Senior Engineering Manager


February 2014 February 2017
Lead a diverse team of engineers to develop services for scalable, customizable, and personalized interactions with customers.
  • Architect a cross-team platform that generates over 18% of company revenue by enabling open communication with millions of active customers.
  • Utilized Kafka, Storm, and HBase to apply user defined rules to billions of events per day enabling marketing teams to create real-time personalized experiences for customers.

Software Architect


February 2011 April 2012

Tools I Enjoy

  • Java
    Spring, Hibernate, Dropwizard, Storm, Spark
  • PHP
    Laravel, Symfony
  • SQL
    MySQL, T-SQL, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB
  • Cobol
  • Pascal
  • Python
    Django, AsyncIO, Twisted, Pandas, Flask, Keras, Tornado, Celery, Heron
  • Infrastructure
    Linux, Terraform, Pulumi, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Puppet, Chef, AWS, Cloudformation
  • Javascript
    Typescript, ES.Next, nodeJS, Webpack, Koa, Express, Tensorflow.js, React, Expo, React Native
  • NoSQL
    HBase, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, Cassandra
  • CSS
  • Perl
    Mojolicious, CGI
  • C++
  • C
    C11, C99, CMake
Experience points truncated for optimal viewing. Detailed points prior to February 2014 available upon request.