Definitively Not( James )


Disney World is a monumental effort to make it the Most Magical place on Earth. Much of this is attributed to the extreme amounts of engineering that have gone into manufacturing the magic.

I think the Utilidor is the best example of this.

Whenever you’re at Disney World, you’re technically on the rooftop of the Magic Kingdom. A portmanteau of Utility and Corridor, the Utilidor is the true “first floor” of the theme park. In most places in Florida, you dig a few feet down? You hit water. Building underground is thus mostly a dangerous and difficult proposition. Thus, most of the Magic Kingdom is about 100ft above sea level.

The Utilidor is used for logistics in the park. Getting anything from point A to point B magically can be done via the tunnel systems.

Employees (referred to as “Cast Members” per corporate mandate) travel between locations using the Utilidor. This allows them to navigate quickly using electric vehicles & get in the correct locations quickly for their work. The Utilidor also houses a number of services for employees - such as cafeterias, banking services, hair salons, and more.

What I think is the most interesting, however, is the automated vacuum waste collection within the Utilidor. The utilidor has pneumatic tubes to quickly whisk away any and all trash away from the park - to where it can be disposed of or recycled. This helps the custodial staff keep the park as clean as it is - by taking all the trash and dumping it somewhere else.

There are “Backstage” tours of Walt Disney World that show off the utilidor among other ways that the magic is preserved at the theme park. Even if some of the illusion can be dispelled, though, it’s still real magic if you believe in it.