Definitively Not( James )


We’re moving away from fossil fuels in our day to day transit as electric vehicles are becoming more viable for our transportation needs. However, pushing people to use bicycles more would be far more helpful than pushing for a transition to electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles are far from carbon neutral. They’re better than combustion engine vehicles, of course, but the production and manufacturing of the batteries and chassis still produces a large amount of emissions. The generation of electricity to charge these electric vehicles is also not carbon-zero.

Pushing for bicycles works in urban cities. Especially those with milder climates. However, most articles gloss over rural areas with more extreme climates. It’s one thing to try to trudge around New York City when it’s a humid 95F / 35C day. It’s uncomfortable and you might end up a little sweaty. It’s an entirely different story to bike the 35 miles from Frisco, Texas into downtown Dallas during the 115F / 46C summer. It’s downright dangerous.

Bicycling is great if it’s an option - but it own’t be for everyone. While electric vehicles aren’t entirely carbon zero, they’re better than many alternatives while being feasible “replacements”.

But if you’re in a city and can bike somewhere? Do that. It’s healthier, too.