Definitively Not( James )


Yet another great step for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there’s now an implementation of std::unique_ptr backed by crytpo NFTs! Exciting. What does that mean in practice?

The std::unique_ptr in C++ is a smart pointer that manages another object via a pointer (a reference to a memory address). What it does that makes it “smart” is that it disposes of the object when the pointer goes out of scope. This is most often done using the delete operator, but can also be supplied by the developer.

This NFT pointer implementation has the same semantics and usability of a traditional smart pointer, but also is on the Ethereum blockchain, making it superior.

As we all know, adding blockchain to a problem automatically makes it simple, transparent, and cryptographically secure.

The difference in performance between the two is negligible in the grand scheme of things, with std::unique_ptr running in 0.005 seconds, followed quickly behind by nft_ptr at 3 minutes per call.

I applaud Zhuowei Zhang’s efforts to bring crytocurrency to more widespread appeal. For more information, check out their whitepaper.