Definitively Not( James )


Someone called out allowing disposable email as a security concern today.

I disagree. Disposable email is just another term for… email. Any email service that you can sign up to. Just that some are easier to sign up to than others.

These lighter-weight sign up email services are important for people that are privacy conscious and want to control how they are interacted with more readily.

What about gmail? Okay, I sign up once with [email protected] - then the next day I sign up with [email protected] - then [email protected] - then [email protected]

“Disposable” email services are not the issue, here. I don’t care if you use a service that is “disposable” or “real” or not. I can use any address @my-domain and it will all work.

Does that mean I run a disposable email service and I should be blocked?