Definitively Not( James )


Observance of Shabbat seems to be very tricky to accomplish in our modern age of technical advancement. There’s a number of ways this is approached, such as the shabbat mode in a few different devices, or other means.

Elevators have a shabbat mode. They will often pick up from the 1st floor, go to the top floor, and then stop on every floor. That way, you don’t operate the electric device and thus can properly observe.

Ovens often will have a shabbat mode, too. Some you set a cook time and desired temperature and then it’ll randomly turn on at some point in the near future, completely out of your control. Sort of. Others will keep the oven continuously running at a specific low temperature all day. As long as you arne’t creating new “fire” then maybe it’s fine?

There’s the eruv wires that mark a territory as “private”. This means during Shabbat you can carry objects within these designated areas. One such eruv encircles all of Manhattan. All of it. Every week it’s inspected and a status report is given on twitter.

But hey, don’t trust me on this. Ask Rabbi instead.